Fulgoridae 1. Illustrated Catalogue of the American Fauna

1994 - 72 p - 16 plates (14 in colours) - soft covers - 25 x 33 cm
Thierry Porion is a meticulous entomologist who like nice things and somewhat strange.
After producing the volume 19 in the series The Beetles of the World on the genus Eupholus, he writes this book on a group unknown for many people and gives us a astonishing and beautiful iconography
As for the other books published by Sciences Nat, books of that size under soft cover are sewn (and not cut and paste) that permits to be bound more easily, this is another quality of this book.

The text is in English, French and Spanish.
The result is a splendid and usefull book.

Some photos of the book:

couverture Fulgores 1 Fulgores 1-2 Fulgores 1-3
Fulgores 1-1

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