Heliconius and related genera 

1994 - 328 p - 51 colour plates - 41 distribution maps in colours - clothbound (25 x 33 cm - 2,4 kg).
The nicest book ever published on these beautiful South-American butterflies.
The genus studied are EueidesNeruda and Heliconius.
The work was printed soon after the death of Helmuth Holzinger.
It is his wife, Ruth, who painted the so marvellous colour plates.
The valve of the genitalia for each species is drawn.
At the end of the book, an annotated and alphabetical list of species, subspecies and forms, with references to the original descriptions is very usefull: on 29 pages, 963 names are cited and explained.
A masterpiece!

Some photos of the book:

couverture Holzinger Holzinger-4 Holzinger-1

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